Crafted by bar people for bar people to raise cocktails and spirits to the next level.


The Cube – Standard orders of 2 inch cubes are available. We can also cut orders of any size you request from 1.75 to 4 inch.

The Sphere – These perfectly round balls are created from clear ice cubes using the force of gravity and copper. They are an excellent compliment to single rock straight spirits. Given the time and nature of these custom creations, orders are limited to 50 balls per order.

The Stick – 4″ inch tall sticks make wonderful presentations for Collins, Mojitos, and other various cocktails that utilize taller cocktail glasses.

"The mark of a well rounded libation is a combination of the glass, the spirit and the ice."

About –

Located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Brilliant Ice Co was founded by bar people for bar people looking to take their cocktail and spirits program, party, or spirituous gathering to the next level.

Quality –

Purified water is frozen to maximum density, yielding crystal clear ice free of impurities and air bubbles. Denser clear ice will melt significantly slower than standard cubes and will not dilute the spirit or cocktail as quickly.


Custom Cut – Solid blocks of clear ice are cut down to your pouring vessel specifications. Ice cubes can be carved to the width and depth of your glass and ounce pours. Your spirit or cocktail will be best complimented by an ice cut that is not too big or small maximizing the best taste and presentation for Utah single pour limitations.